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JPL basks in the glory of successful Mars landing

JPL basks in the glory of successful Mars landing

At 10:32 p.m. Sunday, the news was called out: "Touchdown confirmed. We're safe on Mars."


President Obama and Rep. Schiff cheer Curiosity's successful landing on Mars

Some of the celebration surrounding the Mars Science Laboratory's successful landing on the Red Planet had a political tone.


History making year continues for Glendale High's Michael Davis

Michael Davis had already made himself a Nitro to remember this year when he became the first Glendale High track and field athlete to qualify for the CIF State Championships since 1986.

Where to watch the Mars landing around Los Angeles

The whole world will be watching as the rover Curiosity touches down on Mars late Sunday, especially the engineers and scientists at Jet Propulsion Laboratory.


Glendale loses cable case

A judge has ruled that Glendale is improperly using a fiber-optics network owned by Charter Communications for free.


Glendale scrambles to fill dollar gaps

Will apply $2.5M in leftover redevelopment money to patch budget cracks.




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